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Stone Renovation Polishing Frequently Asked Questions ¡G

¡´ Where is Refurbished grinding quality-engineering key points of difference?

1.Grinding machine weight is the key point, more than 150 kg can be truly leveling and professional construction¡Aabout the waxing machine of 60 kilograms , there will be obvious undulating waves ¡Aare only suitable for small area or a primary grind, basically is a professional polishing, crystallization machine.

2.Grinding those in poor water control, easy to induce to counter tide on the bottom cement mortar water vapor; calcium hydroxide rise. Add Looosaver powder when grind to compose the underlying reaction, was the most able to cope with an improved construction method.

3. Polishing steps to try to use weak acid or neutral polishing powder, the traditional polishing powder is too acid, too pungent, and even burn marble surface,After polishing without cleaning residue by the stolen construction method, it will erode the expansion lines and holes, bringing riddled with complications, and lead to stone yellowing and so on, annoying problems.

4.The surface crystallization treatment is the ultimate manifestation, the traditional organic matter fluoride magnesium silicate crystallization agent is too acid, is too corrosive, and will block

¡´How to deal with marble common mat moisture ?

¡@¡@General grinding, polishing, crystallization, or protection, and can not really remove the surface mat moisture¡Aproduce more into the step of the after-effects, and even a mechanism to accelerate the deterioration of a rebound. To be baked in traditional drying method, just like only the East China Sea cases, air conditioning is the same invalid end. From the stability of cement to irrigation or injection inhibitors, the bottom surface primer treatment, coupled with totome crystal glaze post processing, surface water fog will effectively control and at the same time to improve the problem
of the expansion of carbonate and other lesions.

¡´Which the details of the construction flaws should stone grinding renovation industry pay attention to?

1. The leveling of the skill is the most important, does not deal with gaps of stone pieces, drop the project is half-tone, the quality is not goodness.

2. Two head stone grinding machine or three head grinding machine with more than 150 kilograms, is as the basic tool.

3. Should be mainly in the mid slow speed, too high-speed grinding machine, but poor quality results.

4. Grinding using too much water will cause side effect, need to add Loosaver water with stability of lesions risks.

5. Grinding although it costs hours of work, but working slowly and deliberately, not jumping grit to grinding in order to grind a good mirror.

6. Diamond grinding water grinding slice to be every step in place, should not be left behind thick or thin scratch defects.

7. The new regimen is still paved with concrete period, too early to grind will lead to anti-surge, and even the long-term matte stone.

8. Crystallization machines have a weight of 40 kilograms or more, torque to be strong enough to not idle.

9. Polishing, crystallization of the material is the best use of neutral or weak acid type, to avoid the people, material 2 wounded.

10. Corner of trimming should be strengthened, not to leave residue defects in around, then they can achieve good quality results.

11. Stone grain grinding opened the small internal cracks, chicken feet grain can be really filled up.

12. Stone broken defects first resin fill level in order to achieve the full crystal Kong film mirror the best way.

13. Stone joints should be properly dealt with those what should be filled muster or loss.

14. To fill the plastic is best to LED cold light plastic-based, traditional hardening plastic will fall off, or yellowing.

15. Furniture, walls, protective measures should be really do a good job, and pay attention to water and electricity safety.

After grinding stone to play strong acid-type crystallization Why not appropriate?

¡@¡@Stone crystal surface treatment is to use stone crystal surface polishing machine polish crystallization agent , in chemical reactions and physical properties reasonable under the dual role of friction, so that the mineral metamorphic stone into a more rigid crystalline hard dense layer, create a new stone surface. Which is divided into Hard agents containing strong acids, containing wax plus light agent, with Steel wool to make crystal face processing, stone elements will be because the fluoride magnesium silicate, phosphoric acid, wax and metal hot chemical reaction resulting from the effect of dense non-porous, it will change the structure of stone and composition, because the stone must not be covered by a layer of gas-tight coating compounds, it will change the original stone texture, the surface resin mark, will have a white mark, water spot, spit yellow, rusty spot disease and environmental pollution.

Processed through the crystal face, regardless of the lime-based class composition of marble, or quartz, feldspar granite class-based points, there will be bad response. Acid-based crystallization agent will break down the calcium carbonate contained in the marble, and with the bottom cement alkaline gas to product salt crystallization, resulting in sequel of the stone atomization or efflorescence. Acid-based crystallization agents can also cause decomposition of the granite of the iron oxide minerals resulting from pitting phenomenon, and makes the table surface erosion, peeling off the black mica, etc.; and induced the underlying quality of the cement base, result in expansion of alkali-silica gel, crystalline mineral made of granite from the analysis.

Many of the traditional shortcomings of crystallization agent has specialized knowledge, knowledge of consumers. Stone crystallization and maintenance is now elevated to a neutral or weak acid inorganic crystal glaze, crystal agent-based, cost price though more expensive, but the adhesion of the strongest, most solid matrix with the stone the combination of quality and durability the degree is absolutely the best option.

¡´Is it proper after grinding stone not to use the crystallization agents or crystal glaze ?

       Marble crystallization agent has many flaws, too sour, too soft, will be corrosion, will be dissolved, and will cause allergies....Crystal layer of the gas-tight coverage handicap directly evaporation of water vapor stone, stone diseases indirectly. And accustomed to crystallization of the main persons, grinding the quality of the natural easy to jump may be less stress. Probably rely on crystallized cover decorative grinding construction imperfections; this case is less durable, because the grinding grounding is not good enough. Therefore, after completion of grinding , make breathable crystalline glaze COATING is a more appropriate choice, second choice is for crystal agent, if the Only neutral polishing powder directly in brightly polished stone, without strong acid crystallization agent, a professional and reliable approach, because it needs such as plant-like hard efforts.

¡´After the renovation of grinding and crystallized, but not very durable, what is the main reason for that?

       In fact, the renovation of the grinding is main before the crystallization, if the construction of the bottom grinding too fast or jump grind number, no the facilities can be made step by step, the underlying degree of detail would not be sufficient precision. If focus on the whole surface of the final crystallization of an effort, although a time can attain the basic effect, but the crystallization agent itself is not water resistant, non-durable, once been dissolved, bright surface will be disappeared, Even the bottom of the stone would have been anti-erosion. Recommended inorganic materials based totome crystal glaze, bright, wear-resistant, protective, anti-oil, anti-water, slip can be several times more high-quality use, with no high-density defect liability period, and can with water mopping the floor instead of dissolving, beyond the traditional level of many crystallization agent.

¡´Which reasons make stone not shine after polishing?

1, the surface is too rough
2, Grinding is not detailed enough
3, Water quantity question
4, Select wrong polishing powder
5, Polishing powder is too acid
6, No small particles in polishing powder
7, Polishing powder is not enough hard
8, Polishing method
9, Water Quantity control
10, Polishing machine speed
11. Polishing materials,
12, Polishing time,
13, Polishing pressure

¡´ How to protect the building materials after the renovation and grinding?

¡@¡@The stone have already polished by crystal glaze, crystal agent, crystallization agent. They can no longer impose permeable protective treatment. In the past we would at first make a further crystal hard protective treatment, but it involves the construction of the extension of the waiting time. Developed new materials in the whole world¢w crystal Glaze, protective effects and light, protection, slip the same time to achieve, the effect can exceed the traditional protestants, water resistance, anti-oil, anti-solvent, is a multi-effect-one of the new protective materials, especially for more than just grinding after the water vapor environment because the crystalline glaze is not afraid of water, polishing process also need some water vapor it!

¡´Granite, polished quartz tiles, jade spar hard, there are ways to do polishing and maintenance??

¡@¡@Granite, polished quartz tiles, jade spar polishing powder used in the past ineffective, polishing agent effects are very limited, coupled with the basic difficulty of grinding, basically unsatisfactory results. Currently totome L52 grinding paste and totome crystal glaze G52 by a professional construction, there will be ways to achieve breakthrough results, crystal-like surface will exceed the level of the factory, the usual maintenance will also become easy and quick.?

¡´Stone is used for a period of time; the brightness is not enough how to polish?

¡@¡@If scratching is not serious, just a good polishing powder can be returned to the brightness of ninety per cent new, a good renovation and grinding paste can even brightness to near-new, more sequela after the traditional crystallization & polishing, has gradually been phased out. If use crystal Glaze and polish to film, it is possible to play highlight breaking 100 degrees, if the need to fully such as the new smooth and bright with no scratches, the diamond must be switched on-site renewable research grinding methods: Diamond Grinding, polishing powder, crystal glaze, which is the highest level of polishing.

¡´What are the reasons on marble's permanent matte water vapor?

Stone Anti-tide water-gas main factors are:
1. Excessive external moisture
2. Play fluoride acid-based agent crystallization
3. Stone waxing
4. Strong alkaline Protectant
5. Mortar expansion of multi-factor
6. Stone contains a high amount of soluble carbonate
7. High alkali content of cement
8. Did not do a good job on the back of
9. Only do positive protection
10. Cement without the prior add powder of whitening resistant ¢w Loosaver powder
11. Grinding process of water infiltration
12. Bad Ventilation
13. Covering carpet

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