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Viedo @ Loosaver Primer Introduction @
@@@@@Part 1: Basic Information@@@@Part 2: Scientific Experiment
@@@@@Part 3: Theory Description@@@ Part 4: Future Cooperation


The Humanistic Value

The Global Platform

Embrace the Altruism; Start with safety

At the beginning of formation of team, Loosaver set Altruism as the core value of the group. Loosaver insist to provide our partner the highest quality, the biggest market, and the best profit. Loosaver believe that success of our partners represents the success of Loosaver; meanwhile, it is only the success of our partners can accomplish Loosaver. The success of team is much more important than the success of individual.

Under this principle, Loosaver firstly dedicates the highest effort to LosaverPrimer. LosaverPrimer, which is originally developed in Taiwan and itself as the commercial representative of concept of Altruism, it provides the newest technology to creates the biggest blue-ocean market with the highest quality and provides Loosaver's partners the best platform of their business. At the same time, LosaverPrimer contributes the most to the living safety of our daily lives.

Loosaver international team put all effort to build up LosaverPrimer. From branding management, imaging consistency, education supporting, market investigation, direction guiding, order processing, product supply, to quality control, Loosaver aims to establish LosaverPrimer as a global brand name.

Loosaver team shows enthusiasm and positive attitude to cooperation

Involve advanced construction and excellent design of professional partners

Establishing a global platform with the agents all over the world

Promoting the whole new concept of safety adherence in architecture

LosaverPrimer can enduringly maintain the stability of tile and stone

LoosaverPrimer significantly improve the performance of adhesive

Holistic support from factory to installation

Loosaver works with partners to provide the best quality

The best quality over the world

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