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totome Z17 super powerful twist stone material of crystal polishing machines, it not only all new design, easily loading 200 kilograms ,also breakthrough the situation of the world that can¡¦t not do it, we innovate the old machines to be new powerful one. Z17 has the 220V type, but the 110V type's function that is enough to challenges any wax 220V type machine of the world. The Z17 original factory guarantees against damage for one years, and guaranteed that the machine does not shiver, not the oil leak, not the slowly speedy, not the engine off.

The crystal machine operated quickly.
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totome Z17 Polishing Machine ¡@

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The design of reacting force balance arm¡¦s foldaway one crystal grinder machine
¢wtake the high-level stone material crystallization as main research sign

1¡BThe beginning development of patent research - Z -17 crystal machine

It¡¦s not difficult for specialized worker to operation tradition waxes machine and scratches machine in fundamental way. But when doing the stone material mirror surface crystallizes processes, its high friction polishing procedure, will have the high torque repulsive force, this intercepts nearly breaks down each crystal face machine motor and the bearing, setback each skilled worker's both hands and the vertebra.Therefore, to solves the big reacting force arm of polyarticular balance, is the totome innovation navigates a new type which the whole world develops, the effort is dexterous, but the efficiency is formidable. Is especially hard for various types of floor crystal, the crystallization, polishing, the glaze, the attrition, wash, eliminate the wax, and serves with the brand-new design proposal the achievement.

At the end of 2009 starts, the specialized stone material, ceramic tile crystal chemistry response processing system ¢w¢wtotome Z-17 crystal machine, went out the new path officially, the correction tradition slipper type friction force scratches machine, the crystal hardly machine, the crystallization machine, we discovered changes in form but not in content type of T waxes machine, is only the weight or a horsepower variation. Is opposite in the condition of super operating which crystallizes really needs, the flinty building materials absolutely need the new Z type, can do conforms to the high quality request crystallization, that can enough split out the crystal glaze of perfectly the crystal membrane.

totome Z-17 crystal machine researches and develops the merit mainly has: The high torsion, ultra stable, the over balance, the fuselage steady, bear the impact, to bear carry a heavy load, ultra durable, the low noise, the oil leak, the idling regime, not to rock, the good migration, to be possible fixed-point attrition polishing, the easy mode strobe switch, the notch wheel switch, the safety switch, about to transfer all may, 110V, 220V all be possible. Moreover may omit the waist to press the heavy tired working condition, enhances the maintenance project the essence production efficiency.

2¡BWhy is Z-17 crystal machine mainly patent contribution?
totome will make the wax machine complete innovation to develop and to design, we have not plagiarized other people or continues to use the traditional old thought , and has lead completed two important contributions:

(1) Z-17 crystal machine in the polyarticular operating lever power stroke's way, the transition opens or closes the anti-arm of force's transmission, enables the pivot the full leverage, controls the efficiency which the anti-arm of force conducts. The force component to a man-machine body's use, has obvious and the full contribution. The operation crystal hillock's machine security, may say that is highest-level, drifts does not decide flings machine the phenomenon, already obtained the explicit solution.

(2) Z-17 crystal machine innovation open style design, causes the machinery at any angle, can balance the work, and enhances the working to be very many selectivity. Let the application of force pole both be possible to draw the release lever up and down, and may control impels the release lever, fan-shaped balanced grips, is the proper attention to both broad practical and artistic durable. the totome complete machine is the rigid structure, can be completely fixed the crank connecting rod, the success displays the Z-17 crystal machine ultra precise controlling force, this is the international attrition buffing machine's important breakthrough, Taiwan research and development team's development, obtains the greatest achievement.

3¡BZ-17 crystal machine improvement recoil force's design

When the crystal chemistry transformation ,the stone material waxes machine and the crystallization machine produces recoil force, that is also when revolving produces instantaneous drifts the recoil force which the strength or continues to be big. Especially the crystallization in dry or wet slides astringently, in the transformation process of cold or hot, its interface produces the sharp-edged storm momentum, often initiates the man-machine the danger. This is dissimilar with the fixed mild-mannered revolving torsion, the recoil force was equal to that the motor adds the seat on a plane the weight, rides again revolves the speed of backlash. The recoil force energy, needs other strength to support, that can make operation to balance. The tradition is links operating lever's base by the base, by the type of shape T to hold rod's control, and by executes operator 's body and the four limbs absorption recoil force, at present already faced the huge service pressure.

The totome crystal machine must directly contend with the Z type connecting rod design, its recoil force suitably withstands by the foundation strut and the double folding support feeling. totome is to let execute the operator to have the lower physical strength burden, and reduces executes makes the degree of difficulty the threshold.
Z-17 crystal machine has ¡§the transition reaction resisting force¡¨ polyarticular designs, can help the operator to control the machines and tools safely, when the friction recoil force which largely may suppress does astringently throws tightly produces, protects the operator body's security, reduces the most irritating muscle tuberculosis.

totome Z-17 crystal machine super induction balancing unit, may transform ingeniously the pressure, the instantaneous reaction resisting force, becomes does not have from the potency state of equilibrium. So long as the operator pays 50% strengths, may the overweight machines and tools rotation firmly. Z-17 crystal machine has 12 lock of freehub, prevents the mechanical operation arm's glide, avoids non-anticipated the drop or the year long time lose efficacy. The shape of the mouth rigidity hard arm manipulator may carry out the heavy machines' and tools' stability, the type of Z elastic structure, can slow down the ground conduction the vibration back coupling. The premise of totome security's design, is may achieve safely, rapid, simple, reduces effort, multi-dimensional, the multiple-angle function. But with ease increases the manpower in the stone material, the ceramic tile, the lumber, in the cement attrition polishing maintenance achievements.

4¡BHow the lever principle of use the Z-17 crystal machine

The lever principle has the point of application, the anti-point of force, the pivot three spots, has two set of rotation pivots on control handle of the crystal machine. Here may increase the operation the anti-point of force, reduces machine's reaction point of application. totome Z-17 crystal machine effective use lever principle, its design departs from the norm, by its operation phase is toward the fuselage in the application of force, middle may fold curving the joint has three two, is in physics the so-called pivot. The tradition waxes machine, the crystallization machine to lack this active pivot to do for many support arms of force, entire is the rigid pole body; this is unable to absorb the reaction nimbly the strength. The pole of T body and the machine are the fixed stiff products, is mainly spends depending on the manpower operates; this is completely not the good traditional concept. totome Z-17 crystal machine is a set of clever release lever combination, each place may do nearly for release lever's three spots. For example:

(1)¡Bthe crystallization machine take the middle of joint as the point of application, the knee is the pivot, the point of application in the heel, when the heavy pressure strength crystallizes is most commonly used the posture which causes.

(2)¡Bthe crystallization machine take the above joint shoulder elbow as the point of application, the waist hip and the knee is the pivot, the point of application in the heel, when burnishing most often uses posture.

(3)¡Bthe crystallization machine take the double palm as the point of application, the shoulder elbow and the waist hip is the pivot, the point of application in the heel, when light burnishing most often uses posture.

The crystallization machine user along with the reacting force production but will change the operation the posture, therefore and will not have the stationary type. Is similar to the manpower is ordinary, Z-17 crystal machine has three joints equally, docks with the foundation the fixed arm, is a vertical steel pipe prop, installs the solid lock on the foundation, is Z-17 crystal machine fixed joint; The auxiliary arm with other two arm to support connecting point, that is z17 around moves the joint; Haunches up the host holding rod, that is T17 about moves the joint, on the arm the ideal altitude is the design which may adjust, causes the ultra standard kinesiology.

¡§The joint type freehub¡¨ is mainly ¡§extends the pole¡¨ and ¡§stakes¡¨ links and permits 300 degrees revolving, and locks them in the wish altitude. Therefore, the contour change may be flexible, tallies washes, eliminates the wax, polishing, the crystallization, the attrition, the entire equal multi-dimensional convenience use.
Z-17 crystal machine has own merit that can increase saves space and good for clerk's store.

5¡BZ-17 crystal machine principle of resistance reacting force

Operation action and the reacting force essential attribute are completely different, but are actually these lives other lives, closely associated existence. The operation action's crystallization machine, always on own initiative affects in the floor; But the reacting force always passively affects in the crystallization machine.

When operates Z-17 crystal machine the active joint, that sinks the shoulder, to hang the elbow to be possible to cause the arm tends the nature is open, lets strength hide in double arm, make the strength and the machine joint to unity, may have one's wish the control and the countless changes; Otherwise traditional T waxes machine, the double arm is too rigid, appears the delay and the block system, is unable to change nimbly, and uses the strength way rigidly, violates with the relaxed operation's goal, therefore traditional T waxes machine the elimination opportunity just like to arrive.

¡§The action¡¨ the definition is: The object exerts strength in its thing strength named action. For example the angular force, the thrust force, the pulling force, the pressure, the attraction, the repelling forces and so on constitute the action factor. ¡§the reacting force¡¨ may define is: When the object receives the external force process, the object against passively to the application of force, then has one kind of stress and the resistance, the generic term ¡§the reacting force¡¨. For example the object anti-pulls the tensity, the resistant to compression stress, the contact friction resistance, the inertia resistance, and the elastic resistance and so on is reacting force.

Although between action and reacting force has the essential difference, but they actually may transform mutually under certain condition. For example we use crystallization machine, the motor cancel the plate are the action, the friction force are the reacting force. When we trim the hand high and low, the friction reacting force, turned the motion action. Strength three essential factors: Size, direction, action point. The balance force is with resultant of forces zero is the stables situation, crystallizes become membrane, the action will increase; its reacting force certainly will also increase. The bounce returns to arm's strength, is also called the reacting force. When construction operator's heel, toward ground pedal foot's time, from ground bounce to your leg's on strength, is also called the reacting force, these can be improved because of machinery's improvement, Z-17 crystal machine are the professor of all.

But the other reacting force common question, in the crystallization process, cleaning pads have the reacting force, in extrudes the deformation which and in the friction produces, the contact spot will have the non-uniform bounce. The reacting force in the deformation and in the deformation restoration, will form the wave the outward appearance, will display the phenomenon of floor machine will be high rocking. Therefore, the heavy pressure smooth non-reacting force's cleaning pads, that is suit for floor machine the polishing.

Action (action) and reacting force (reaction), must affect separately on two different objects, regardless of being the person or machine's pain is bitter, is puzzles many year questions, the solution becomes has the necessity. totome attrition polishing machinery Z series, take this as the starting point, reform already some malpractices in immediately.

6¡BRelation of Z-17 crystal machine and Newton's law of motion

According to Newton first movement law of inertia, if affects in some particle external force gathers is zero, this particle originally for static, also will maintain its static balanced the condition; Originally is the constant speed straight line sporter, also will maintain its uniform linear motion. Traditional straight-arm T waxes machine, the crystallization machine to make the translation, if receives not the balanced center of gravity, the friction force reaction, will not maintain the original state of equilibrium, the fixed-point balancing control also on the special difficulty, especially will crystallize does the astringent crystallization the peak, the run machinery, the merit will owe with difficulty a deficient under crystallization, will be is impossible to have the durable knot epitaxial. The type of Z, adjustment design with resultant of forces, has the unique effect. The long-term high difficulty's operant response, the machine can be highly stable, this is helpful to with ease achieves the high quality the crystal boundary.

Newton second law of motion's F = ma is called the movement equation (equation of motion). The balance force F function's particle, will not be obtained with the stress direction is the same, and the size and the action will be proportional acceleration a. Traditional straight-arm of T waxes machine, the crystallization machine, in the rotation vector, the sliding vector, has big, small and the directivity, may have the fixed action line, but difficult stable action point.

Is mainly depends upon the rotational kinetic energy the function, changes the axle center to change the direction, and back and forth skids along the action line. This half jade landscape's phenomenon, in the stone material attrition, polishing, the crystallization process, in the time, the efficiency can be insufficient. The crystalline glaze high-level quality's development, needs to move slowly the cross operating mode, must improve the mechanical operation principle, can achieve in the ideal the quality, totome Z-17 crystal machine , it lives according to this breeding.

The Newton third law of motion, actions and the reacting force between two particles, the size is equal, direction opposite, and affects in the identical straight line. Waxes machine, the crystallization machine application of force to give the ground, the ground can instead grant waxes machine, the crystallization machine, equates reacting force. This reacting force is a friction force, one kind of energy resistance movement. The kind of principle phenomenon, can urge to wax machine, the crystallization machine to make an effort taking advantage of the strength has the act, achieves functions and so on friction clean, burnishing, friction crystallization. The Newton's law of motion demonstrated that when the object stress achieves is balanced, the object will not move or the uniform motion, Z-17 crystal machine fixed point balance force will be audiences' machine raising the head.

The above key point of wax machine and floor machine¡¦s the principle that should pay attention to it, and it¡¦s also totome Z series attrition crystal machine development main axle. When shift action line direction, the gradient can the reduction, that can be able the stable operation, the maintenance mechanical original work effort should be effective, too.

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