Luminous stone Polishing machine Glaze Sealer Cleaner
Carpet extractor Powder Agent Primer Artical

The stone clean company of totome specialized is engaged in thestonematerial cleanser research and development, the production or the proxy,all cleanser, cleanser of the stone pathological change processing the stone material pollution, all can serve proficiently from the domestic and foreign sales to the engineering service.

No. code number and product's name

Producing Function¡@¡@

01. R18
Eliminates the grease

Detergent oil, pitch, black coal, candle, diesel oil, ink, yellow stain, grease, ink

02. R28
econtamination paste

Will mix various types cleanser to pollute adsorbs

03. R48
Water stain cleansing agent

Clean water stain

04. R68
Yellow stain cleansing agent

The clean yellow stain, tea, salad oil blood cream coffee sawdust

05. R78
Eliminates rust the medicinal preparation

Clean granite rust of spot

06. R88
Efflorescence cleansing agent

Clean efflorescence, cement, boiler scale

07. R98
Stops the lubricant

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