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Carpet extractor Powder Agent Primer Artical

I .What correct steps are there to maintain marble H

1. Cure base G
When stick Marble flooring, add anti-disease Loosaver powder to dry mixing cement sand, add Loosaver water to pour the cement paste. This is a stone anti-disease cure the standard construction method. Here half-hearted, certainly not worth the candle

2BCure bottomG
Must spray or rolling brush tackifier Loosaver interface protective plastic in the back of Marble before construction to prevent loosening or swelling hollowing turtles, but also will prevent the pathological factor in the infiltration of reaction in cement sand to avoid water spots, rust stain, yellow stain, spit base.

3BCure surface G
Stone surface of protective treatment, to prevent moisture, oil, and other types of pollution.


II .Protect marble flooring after installation G
1. The remnants of construction materials "in particular, cement, slag, dust and sand" cleaning wipe clean with water and then wipe again.

2. Cleaning the completion of gravel covered with a layer of plastic sheeting to prevent dust from construction due to decorating marble dust and scratch mirror.

3. After the completion, cover with a layer of PP corrugated board on the surface of the stone, bright surface can be prevented by the heavy stone puzzle damaged or contaminated.


III. Marble floors maintenance prior to use:

1. Tear up carefully the protective layer and make stone surface be perfectly clean, dry, and repair cosmetic defects in the area.

2. Make a layer of totome crystal glaze can increase the brightness, to prevent the floor surface from wear, slip and increase the hardness.

3. Avoid using acidic polishing powder or crystalline agent for stone maintenance, because the etching too many side effects and complications.

4. Please avoid using any acidic cleaning agents, because the marble floor erosion and atomization is immediately reactive.

5. Marble floor make wax or acid crystallization would affect pore permeability, creating more disease, anti-surges and cracking.


IV.The use of marble floor routine maintenance:

1. Marble floors require frequent dusting to prevent sand, dust and other indirect worn stone surfaces, loss of luster.

2. Add totome a neutral D24 into water every week, do drag and wipe cleaning on a regular basis.

3. Marble floors as necessary on a regular basis to do crystal glaze or neutral crystallization, thereby save money, durable and protect the environment.

4. Marble floors were badly worn only for maintenance, it was too late, this time may need to renovate and grind.

5. Without first protection who have encountered stains immediately suck and in stone-specific cleaning materials to deal with.

6. Please review the maintenance and construction workers are using stone dedicated maintenance of non-acidic material.

V.Marble floors regular annual maintenance of the proper steps:

1. On a regular basis in accordance with the amount of in and out, to invite stone conservation company to do a comprehensive cleaning and light, anti-slip, anti-wear treatment.

2. Stone damage requiring immediate repair wear and tear reinforced, in particular the hollowing loose inspection and repair the most important.

3. All the stone surface, the loss of luster, may re-polishing to restore a new luster.

4. Stone formation, when there are gaps or not, through the leveling grind to regain smooth bright.

5. If stone damaged, can be filled by stone resin repair agent.
6. If Marble floors loose, hollow, may be reinforced or perfuse Loosaver paste.

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